DISCLAIMER: These are few of the common mistakes people do while learning mathematics. Maybe you are doing some other kind of mistakes. Do observe the mistakes pattern and try to remove them. Remember:

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

I have jotted them down here in points so you can easily surf through them.

  1. #Problem_solving_ability

I was first introduced to this term when i was back in grade 9.I searched this down and realized “it is all about thinking problem on your own and not seeing the solution”

PROBLEM :That strategy helped me but the problem was in course of finding solution if I didn’t get the solution. I will tell to myself “Come on your brain is not working now, just come back to the problem after sometime” and the “sometime” never comes or when it comes I usually repaeat the above word.

SOLUTION : So what to do now??

I have actually this math book in e format by AOPS Community which gives the solution to this problem. This is actually an awesome book.

Here are the the things you should do before and after solving a problem

I think 3rd point is answer to this question.


Yes I thought of revision as something what dumb students do

But I was wrong revision helps you clear your concept at another level, Trust me!

REVISION TIPS: While you are solving the material mark the questions which seems difficult to you, while revising do those problems and those in which you don’t feel confident.

Read the theory again and behave you do not know anything before hand.

#3: Rote learning is necessary!!

What is rote learning?

— Doing the same material(question) again and again in spite of getting correct answers

You will probably downvote this answer if I tell you rote learning is necessary in math.


Let see what Nobel prize winner and one of the finest physicist Richard P. Feynman have to say on this(see the bottom highlighted text ).

#4:Silly mistakes aren’t silly

When I made a mistake I just move on to next question considering it was a silly mistake maybe it indeed was a silly mistake, but make sure the mistake should not be due to gap in concept.(In my case it wasn’t)

How to avoid silly mistake?

Rote learning is the key

Analyzing the pattern of mistake is the another idea that may help you.

#5:Understanding the solution

Case1: When you get the solution

Although you get the solution .Just have a look how textbook solved it, is the method in the textbook easy or the textbook method can be apply anywhere else if needed, and another time while solving the same question try to do it with the method textbook has provided.

Thank you if you made your way to here. This is actually my first article on MEDIUM.

Happy learning!! :)

I am currently a high school student. Here just to share some of my experience with learning.